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dsa homework club

For first year students

A new service added to DSA for 1st year students. We are here to help you with your new school expectations and that tricky homework!


Free Open Week: Monday- Thurs Sept 4th-7th 2023

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Jan 8th- May 24th 2024

Study is term payment. The next term is 17 term weeks from Jan 8th to May 24th 2024 and can be paid upfront or in two instalments before week one and before week four of term.

Please note: there is a 3% website charge. Alternatively you can pay via bank transfer.

Our new DSA Homework Club will run Monday to Friday 4.15-5.30pm except Wednesdays which will run 2-3pm. (We open from 1.15pm on Wednesdays for students to have their lunch beforehand.)

Students are welcome to stay on until 6pm each evening to complete extra independent study or reading.


It is imperative that students get into a good routine from the very start of secondary school; this will make their study life much easier in the long run.


As teachers ourselves we understand the great importance of Homework. The information students learn each day in class is the basis of all of their exams, therefore it is so important to ensure each student fully understands the learning, daily. Teachers assess this by giving homework each evening to reinforce the learning and find out where their pupils are struggling.


Homework teaches students about time management and how to problem solve. Homework gives students another opportunity to review class material and ensure they fully understand what was covered each day. Homework teaches students how to take responsibility for their part in the educational process and most importantly, Homework lets the student, parent and teacher know exactly how the student is getting on in each subject, where their weaknesses lie and what areas the student needs to work on. This in turn gives them direction for their own independent study.


At DSA Homework Club students will have continuous on-site help from qualified teachers who are there to help, motivate and support the students learning, encouraging them to do their very best in all of their homework assignments and helping them to stay on track with their studies. We will also help the students with their studies coming up to exam periods and give them tips and tricks throughout the term on organisation and study techniques.


Most importantly- and what sets us apart from school homework club- is that we work with students on exam paper questions when they don't have much work to do on a given day or after their homework is completed. This gives them a massive head start on their exam technique and knowledge.


We also keep parents updated on student progress throughout the term.


The students can then go home and relax in the evenings, happy with the knowledge that they have completed their homework in a structured, distraction free environment!

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