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We want to give back! We are looking for a student who deserves the very best out of their studies- we want to afford them the opportunity to attend our award-winning academy for a full year of after school study absolutely free!

We are giving away one full YEAR membership for a Junior Cycle (3rd year) or a Leaving Certificate student! (5th or 6th year)


The chosen student will receive a yearly membership absolutely free in our brand new award winning after- school study for the academic year; September 2024- May 2025. This will include Monday to Friday study all inclusive. 


Our application process is so easy- tell us in 500 words why you should get this opportunity! Photographs and supplementary information is welcome with your application and enhances your chances. Video applications also accepted.

Please send your application to

Remember: when applying, stand out from the crowd, think outside the box.

Current and past members are welcome to apply also!

Closing Date: September 5th, 2024

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A massive congrats to 6th Year student Dearbhla Tinnelly who is our DSA Scholarship winner for the academic year 2022/23.

Dearbhla's midterm review:

"I am currently studying for my Leaving Certificate in June 2023 and I am attending Dundalk Study Academy to support my studies.  I have been attending the afterschool study since beginning of sixth year.  I attended the Christmas study camp and I will be attending Saturday study from now until June.  The Study Academy enables me to have a structured study approach to my exams and after I have finished a study session, I feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that if I had not have been there, I would not have got as much study done.  I believe attending the Study Academy actually gives me more time as I get my homework and revision done and then when I leave I have my free time.  The girls in Study Academy are so friendly and helpful that it doesn’t even feel like a chore going into study.  Both my sister and brother have attended Study Academy and we all agree that it is a fantastic service and highly recommend."


A massive congrats to 5th Year student Reese Gamier who is our DSA Scholarship winner for the academic year 2023/24.

Describe DSA in 3 words.

Welcoming, helpful and lively.

How has your time at DSA helped you academically?

It has provided me with an after school study structure that I would not receive anywhere else, it has helped me immensely and I've seen an improvement in my productivity.

How do you find grinds classes at DSA?

I do maths grinds with Monique and I find them very helpful. It's definitely very handy to have covered the material in advance for my class and pick it up easier when my teacher in school is teaching us. Grinds have really given me a hand in understanding maths better and identifying what the question is asking me in exam papers.


What is your favourite aspect of DSA apart from the study /education element?

Definitely meeting new people, I'm a very sociable person and DSA has become an outlet for me. Everyone is so friendly and easy to get along with.

What would you say to any students out there who are thinking of attending DSA but aren't fully sure what it's all about?

I'd recommend that they enquire about a free trial study session. I'm sure they'd find that DSA is nothing short of the good things said about it and the community and support given is incomparable.

I've thoroughly enjoyed my experience at the study academy so far, time has flown by and I hope to be back in September for 6th year.

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