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Overwhelmed by the amount of study you have to do?


Don’t know WHERE to start or HOW to start? We are here to help!

Learn how to study effectively with Dundalk Study Academy.

Daily, students are expected to go home after school and “study” the work they have completed. However, quite often students are not shown HOW to study the information. Our DSA Study Skills Bootcamp does exactly that- it gives students the tools and tips they need to succeed in their studies and to get the most from their study sessions, helping to improve their motivation and confidence. Every workshop is catered to the specific needs of the group of students in front of us.

This interactive bootcamp introduces and focuses on confidence building, motivation, goal setting, organisation, study tips, making the perfect study timetable, using online resources, creating mind maps, using graphic organisers, using exam papers, cutting down content in books, memory techniques, making notes and more. We answer the students specific questions in relation to subjects they are finding most difficult in school. It is a hands-on bootcamp where students get involved in all activities throughout the day so they are 100% confident in carrying out the study techniques learned, at home.

By the end of the day students will have a bank of study methods to take home and use when studying ANY subject.

Please note: All of the techniques covered throughout the workshop will be of great benefit to students with dyslexia also.

All students are given a study journal which aids them in organising their study throughout the year and reinforces what was covered. All students receive a FREE Saturday study to put their new skills into practice.

Students are shown how to condense large amounts of information from textbooks into shortened, concise notes.

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