Adult Students

making the move camp- August 2021

SIXTH Class Primary School Students to FIRST Year Secondary School

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This course will explore the following topics:
✓ Study Skills & Organisation
✓ ’Expelling’ Student Fears and Worries
✓ The normal school day
✓ Timetables
✓ Classroom Changes
✓ Books and copies
✓ Change of teachers
✓ Lunchtime- the canteen
✓ Gym
✓ Study hall
✓ School reports & exams
✓ School bags & lockers
✓ Homework
✓ Rules
✓ Extra- Curricular activities
✓ Subjects and what to expect
✓ Team building activities
✓ Wellbeing: how to deal with stress/anxiety and change.

Please note: Spaces are limited.

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These workshops will be COVID-19 regulated workshops spread across a number of days to ensure small groups and social distancing.

Each workshop runs for one day only from 9.30am-2pm.

Workshops will be school specific where possible so students will meet new friends attending the same secondary school.

The transition from primary to secondary school can often be a daunting experience for 6th class pupils. As teachers who have worked with both primary and secondary school pupils, we recognise that this can be a big jump for some students- especially this year with the loss of class time due to COVID-19.

We designed a one day course to make the transition for pupils an easier one. This course gives pupils a first hand account of life in a secondary school and what exactly to expect in September.

Students will have the opportunity to meet new friends who are in the same situation, boosting their confidence levels and diminishing those fears of entering into a new school environment. Most importantly, the students will have the opportunity to ask questions in an open and comfortable setting.

My son did a course today about transitioning from primary to secondary and absolutely loved it! Everyone was so friendly and helpful. He feels a lot better about this transition and is definite he wants to attend the study academy in sept. Fantastic idea for kids. Can’t wait to get my son started.

Niamh Graham