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Finding it hard to get motivated? Forget it, start being proactive & form HABITS. Become disciplined with the 21/90 rule which can be applied to any new habit whether it's study, exercise or something new. #21daychallenge



Make it an experiment. Commit to doing some study for the next 21 days & see what happens. It can only be beneficial!



This will keep you on form & give you a boost when you see all the hard work you're doing, it will motivate you to keep going. Use our habit trackers which you can download from the link in our bio.


💭 MAKE IT DAILY: Consistency is critical if you want to make a habit stick.


💭 PLAN: Do a study plan at the beginning of each week so you have direction.


💭 USE TRIGGERS: A trigger is a ritual you use right before executing your habit. Form a routine so it's easy to fall into your study each day. Eg: come home from school, eat, homework, snack, study. Do the same timing each day in succession.


💭 CONSISTENCY IS KEY: When cues like time of day, place and circumstances are the same in each case it is easier to make a habit stick.

💭 ACCOUNTABILITY: Get a friend on board and make it a competition. Let your parents know and ask them to check your progress. Post online using a study account. Become accountable to someone.

💭 DISTRACTIONS: Get rid of distractions or anything that will stand in your way. Create a study space.

💭 START SMALL: Studying 7 days a week for 21 days straight seems daunting and exhausting. Don't overwhelm yourself. 10 extra minutes spent looking over your class work on a Sunday could be that days study. All those 10 minutes add up. Quality over quantity.



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