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DSA Lifestyle Planners

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Free downloadable weekly and daily planners to keep your life on track.

Download PDF • 12.74MB

Download PDF • 108KB

DSA Weekly Planner blue
Download PDF • 97KB

DSA Weekly Planner
Download PDF • 97KB

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❝The key is not to prioritise what is on your schedule but to schedule your priorities.❞

Every day you need a list of your non-negotiables. These are important aspects of your life OUTSIDE of study that you MUST do.

Our daily non-negotiables:

♥️Have a nice breakfast.

♥️Drink 2L of water.


♥️Finish work/study at a certain time.

♥️Make a nice dinner.

♥️Read book/ watch episode of series.

♥️Phone-free time.

If you can add any more to this list that is always a plus. Start implementing your own self care tasks into your daily routine. Use our lifestyle planners to write down your non-negotiable each day. This will help to avoid burnout in the long run.

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